Third Card Sort (Second Full Revision)

I’ll fill this out more later, but I want to get the basics recorded.

I ran another card sort test on the new array of measures with folks from the iSchool. I have enough solid measures in each function to run another Prolific test, but the Ideal Identity (IID) category felt weak and I re-wrote some of those. Based on the test, I felt that emotional terms were sorting into Emotional Regulation (EMR) rather than their intended factors, so the new measures are intended to be more emotionally neutral. Any measure using “feel” will be reconsidered, even outside of IID

It is important that I will be satisfied with the completed product. When completed, the product will express something about who I am.
I feel personally invested in the successful completion of the product. The product expresses something about who I want to be.
The product helps me feel more like the person I want to be. The product brings me closer to the person I want to be.

I might not bother with the first one. It’s still forward-looking, where “who I want to be” is more about now.  “Right now, I want X” vs “In the future, I will be X” where X is the ideal.

I did run the test once more, this time with my undergrad who just read the first half of Dittmar for our weekly discussion. (I was telling her how I was using Dittmar, and she wanted to do it.) Her responses reinforce what we’ve seen, basically.

These are on the “just get rid of them” list, having tested really poorly or, in the case of the memorabilia measures, being too theoretically confused to be valid.

  1. I feel a sense of pride when I think of the product. (EMR)
  2. The product is what I want to work on now. (AID)
  3. I feel the product will influence the future of the whole field. (IID)
  4. I am improving professionally as I work on the product. (IID)
  5. I keep memorabilia regarding past products in my work space. (PRH)
  6. I intend to keep memorabilia from this project. (PRH)

Measure 5 tested well, but doesn’t even mention the product, so probably measures PRH but not for the product. Measure 6 is another forward-looking statement, and unnecessary in the scope of the current work.

I think there’s something to explore through a study of developers receiving or keeping memorabilia from projects, but it doesn’t have to be now.

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