Schmalz, Carter, and Lee (2019): The I in Team

This is a research-in-progress paper accepted to the 2019 Americas Conference on Information Systems (AMCIS 2019).



Software project failure continues to be a concern and managing risk our best hope of project success.
While IS literature has investigated the role of culture in projects, such cultural work is largely limited to
the management of multinational project work and focused on ethnic or national identities and their
impact on enterprise-level system development. Recently, information system researchers have begun to
focus on how a user’s identities—their internalization of cultural meaning—can affect adoption and use of
technology, but identification with technology may also impact its development. This proposed study will
examine the ways in which worker identification with the technological outcome of a project might affect
risk behavior, and will include digital game development as a highly salient context. The results will
inform both theory and practice, contributing to IT identity research as well as best practices for project
and risk management in software development.

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