Daniel et al. (2018) – Social Capital and Project Success


Daniel, S., Midha, V., Bhattacherhjee, A., & Singh, S. (2018). Sourcing knowledge in open source software projects: The impacts of internal and external social capital on project success. Journal of Strategic Information Systems, 27(3), 237-256.


Their definition of project success:

We define OSS success in terms of developer contributions to OSS source code. This definition is consistent with examinations of technical success and we use it because code contributions represent the lifeblood of OSS projects (Daniel and Stewart, 2016).


OSS project success was operationalized as the number of artifact closures associated with a project, such as addressing bug reports and feature requests. As bug fixing and feature additions are a critical part of OSS development, closures represent a project’s success in terms of the amount of technical development (Crowston et al., 2003). Closures indicate a successful resolution of a bug report or feature request (Wen et al., 2013) and is similar to measures used for software engineering task completion (Herbsleb and Mockus, 2003). Task completion measures the amount of effort exerted by developers on a project (Herbsleb and Mockus, 2003). Such operationalization is also consistent with the OSS literature (Chengalur-Smith et al., 2010Daniel et al., 2013Wen et al., 2013).

This is helpful to me as yet another example metric for project success.

This is unhelpful to me because I cannot measure success in the same way.

More to come. I need to read more of the article, but wanted to record these quotes and my early thoughts.

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